Web Handling and Converting Consulting

Since 2003 Seminars for Engineers has been helping companies solve problems in the web handling and converting industries.

Our consultants possess diverse and wide-ranging technical backgrounds and extensive experience in all aspects of web-based conveyance, coating and drying. They ask the right questions, listen to answers and provide practical solutions in areas such as these:

  • Heating and cooling of the web
  • Coating and web finishing
  • Machine clothing (felts, forming wires)
  • Mechanics of winding and tension control
  • Pressing and drying
  • Roll formation
  • Roller covers and alignment issues
  • Wrinkling, spreading, guiding, doctoring, slitting and unwinding

Over the years we have built a solid reputation for accurately and effectively providing data and findings that have generated millions of dollars of both profit and cost savings for our clientele.

Identified nip drive problems that facilitated the correction of wrinkling and rewind registration issues resulting in savings of $100K per year at Saint Gobain.

Calculated drying rates for a mill making coated boxboard which was production limited due to drying constraints, thus proving that a minor capital expenditure could result in a 7% increase in production and resulted in $1MM added to bottom line.

Trained operators in a large newsprint mill with a program specifically tailored to the mill’s operations and resulted in a 2% operational improvement in in total machine efficiency.

Fixed issues with lateral registration on a vacuum plasma coating system (for coating aluminum foil) identified as occurring on a machine during shipment.

Lead a troubleshooting session on a suction pickup roll to resolve a very high sheet break issue – a mis-ground press roll was revealed to be the root cause and prevented a costly 24 hour pulp machine outage.

Performed advanced multivariate analysis at an integrated pulp and paper mill that was experiencing costly periodic multiple puffs / day episodes – the analysis led to a troubleshooting effort that identified a leaking oil cooler on a turbo generator.

Extended machine clothing life by 50% at a Champion cartonboard mill after implementing operational techniques that greatly increased machine efficiency.

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