Sealing Technology For Packaging Processes

About the Seminar

The Sealing Technology for Packaging Processes two-day training course is designed to give engineers a complete understanding of the various techniques for applying heat to flexible and semi-rigid packaging in order to achieve quality seals. A quality seal is critical for product protection from environmental conditions that can lower return levels, shorten shelf life, and hasten spoilage. Positive brand quality perception and tamper prevention also result directly from safe, well designed sealing. This two day seminar covers various sealing technologies, seal testing procedures, adhesive sealing, polymer film and foil characteristics and process / package validation.

Who Should Attend

Any personnel in the R&D, testing, process, design, fabrication and manufacturing of food, pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetic, chemical, veterinary or industrial product packaging can benefit from this unique course. Packaging, film and foil personnel will also benefit from this comprehensive training course.

Dr. Duncan Darby

Concepts Covered

  • Thermal heat sealing behavior
  • Impulse heat sealing
  • Dielectric heating theory
  • Adhesive Sealing
  • Induction sealing
  • Seal testing procedures

Benefits of Attending

  • Learn to choose the optimum sealing process for any situation
  • Learn how physics and chemistry apply to producing a high integrity seal
  • Learn the mechanics of heat sealing equipment and component interaction
  • Learn which types of seals are acceptable in the marketplace
  • Learn about the integration of sealing equipment into a packaging line
  • View the heat sealing process through technical data, graphs and formulas