Fastening Technology & Bolted/Screwed Joint Design


Chicago, Illinois

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About the Seminar

This two-day seminar was developed to give engineers and other technical personnel current specifications for, and a better understanding of, the complexities of mechanical joining with fasteners. Insufficient guidelines and outdated information are not adequately equipping engineers for real life design challenges. This can lead to catastrophic failures or costly over-designs. The Federal regulations (Fastener Quality Act) on these often safety critical design elements has caused a renewed focus on the proper use of fasteners. This seminar incorporates the most recent techniques and guidelines from both international and domestic engineering societies and research groups and provides attendees with immediately applicable knowledge.

Who Should Attend

Since most manufactured products involve the use of fasteners for assembly, this seminar is very beneficial to professionals working on design and development, maintenance, and procurement of fasteners and bolted interfaces. If you are involved in design engineering, manufacturing and assembly, standardization, testing, quality control, or otherwise involved with technical aspects of fasteners, this course is designed especially for you.

Laurence Claus

Concepts Covered

  • Standards and Specifications
  • Material Standards
  • Fastener Manufacturing
  • Screw Threads
  • Corrosion and Protection
  • Quality
  • Joint Design
  • Safety Factors
  • Tightening Strategies
  • Locking Methods

Benefits of Attending

  • Gain a better understanding of the bolted/screwed joint, elastic interactions and preload stress
  • Understand loosening causalities
  • Select proper tightening methods
  • Calculate safety factors and limitations
  • Select the optimal fasteners for the design
  • Evaluate dissimilar materials for thermal expansion and galvanic properties
  • Gain insights into materials, threads and product standards