On-Site Training

Bring our expert instructors to your company location to present any of our public seminars in a private setting or customize the content to fit your specific needs.


  • Bring your entire team together for a joint learning experience
  • Learn practical problem solving techniques to implement in the workplace
  • Course content can be customized to address your critical issues and training needs
  • Proprietary issues can be addressed and used as examples in confidence
  • Intensive Q & A sessions with experts in addition to course instruction
  • Save on time and travel expenditures associated with attending off-site meetings
  • Save on time tracking down the right consultant; our experts come to you

On-site Solutions Offered

Standard On-site Training Seminars

  • Select any of our current course offerings
  • Select seminar date in coordination with instructor(s)
  • Seminars for Engineers manages travel, course materials, etc.

Custom On-site Training Seminars

  • Interview stakeholders and training staff
  • Survey any past seminar attendees
  • Draft course outline and review with appointed company representative
  • Build out detailed course content and materials
  • Seminars for Engineers manages travel, course materials, etc.