Principles of Web Coating and Drying

About the Seminar

Web Coating and Drying is designed to further skills in selection and application of equipment for improving manufacturing processes and assuring efficient production of coated papers, films and other web substrates. Two major topics are featured: coating of webs by various means and, the drying or curing of these substrates. All major commercial coating processes used today are discussed along with their benefits for use in specific manufacturing applications, while considering the raw materials used to produce finished product. All major forms of convective and radiant methods of heat transfer for drying and/or curing are presented. Though theory is included, emphasis is placed on practical problem solving techniques for the plant engineer.

Who Should Attend

Anyone working with web processing and converting machinery can benefit from this unique course. This includes product/process designers, process engineers, QA, sales/service, maintenance and lead operators. Those converters involved in the manufacture of release liners, pressure sensitive tapes and labels, presentation media and graphics arts films and papers, photo-based and resist films, and specialty and premium coated papers and laminates will find this course useful as to how to best coat, cure, handle and convey their base web materials from an unwind through the coater and dryer to the winder. The course is vital to manufacturers and converters of web products and also extremely useful for machine builders, component suppliers and material suppliers.