Principles of Winding and Slitting

About the Seminar

Principles of Winding & Slitting is designed to give you the process knowledge you need to tackle any winding, unwinding or slitting challenge. This seminar will help you understand your existing winding and slitting processes so you can optimize them and reduce the problems – both real and potential by immediately applying proven best practices. Major areas of focus include web handling principles, understanding the structure of a wound roll, equipment used in winding from simple to complex and the many type of winders on the market and where and how they are used, all the ways winding can go wrong and how to avoid them and solutions if you can’t, and the three conventional slitting methods (razor, crush, and shear) and slitter operations efficiency. These topics will be addresses at many levels, providing rules of thumb and the theory behind them.

Who Should Attend

Anyone working with supervising operators or managing operation of web machinery will benefit from this unique course. This includes product/process designers, process engineers, quality personnel, sales/service, maintenance and lead operators. Understanding winding and slitting is also vital to anyone working with webs and web processes, including material suppliers and equipment and component suppliers.


Chris Watson