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Principles of Web Handling and Winding

June 26-28, 2018   •   Chicago, Illinois

Tim Walker

3-day Session - Web Handling and Winding

The complete course provides a full understanding of these key converting fundamentals, covering the materials, equipment, and process factor knowledge to solve any web handling or winding problem. Web handling topics are presented in-depth beginning with material properties, tension control, roller design, nipped processes, web position control, and wrinkle prevention. The winding portion of the session covers all aspects of winding, including the physics and process of winding, roll quality, and winder design, control and operations.

2-day Session - Web Handling

Topics include the critical areas of tension control, web tracking, roller choices and their effects, machine alignment and web defects such as roping, telescoping, and staring. Though theory is included, emphasis is placed on practical problem solving techniques for the plant engineer.

1-day Session - Winding

The Principles of Winding one-day seminar covers all aspects of winding, including the physics of winding, roll quality, and winder design and operations. This seminar builds on The Principles of Web Handling two-day seminar, applying the best practices of web handling to the winding process, but also stands alone as a thorough overview of all things winding.

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